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Q. How can I use your services if I do not have an account with you?

R. Just call our Customer Service at 67418438 to place your service request or you can fill in the form from our AdHoc Service page. You can pay by cash, NETS or we can bill you later if you are under a company.

Q. What types of services and delivery timings do you provide?

R. We provide both Urgent Service or Normal Service. For urgent service, we will be at your doorstep for pick-up within 45min after your call. Delivery will be completed within 90min after pick-up. For normal service we will pick-up at 11am for delivery in the afternoon before 5pm or we can pick-up by 4pm for delivery the next day before noon.

Q. I have large parcels or boxes to be transported. Can you help?

R. Yes we have both bike and van services. Bike service is usually for delivery of mails, documents or smaller items under 3kg.

Q. I have goods to deliver on a regular basis, can you help?

R. Yes we can. This service that we provide either by bike or van is called “fixed run”. Call us at 67418438 and we will customize this service for you

Q. How can I check on the status of pick-up or delivery of my documents or parcels?

R. You can call our Customer Services number at 67418438 to trace the delivery. If you have an account with us, you can check the status of delivery online using our online tracking system.

Q. Can I find out more about the services you provide, the rates and contract terms?

R. We will be most happy to assist you. Just call us at 67418438 and we will arrange for an appointment to meet you.

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